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I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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Motivation For FRIDAY!!

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Weather Here For Friday 8/23/13!


Going to be 83 and sunny with an afternoon shower, but pleasant here in VA. What's the weather where you live?

Please Like and share! :)

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National Girl Friends Day Is Today!!


National Girlfriends Day is to celebrate the bond of friendship through women. So it's Friday go out for some drinks at a bar or go clubbing!! If your not into alchohol than maybe you want to just get out and go do something fun! Call up your girl friends and just go have a blast!! :)

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Motivation For Thursday!

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Weather For Thursday Here!

Thunderstorms and todays temp 85 with thunderstorms!!


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National Waffle Day Is TODAY!!


National Waffle Day is the day the U.S Waffle Iron was patented not to be confused with International Waffle Day. The modern day waffle dates back to the 14th century when light thin crisp cakes were baked between wafer irons and only by the wealthy. With the invention of the waffle iron waffles are available to everyone. In some countries waffles are sold by street vendors as a snack not a breakfast food.

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Your Motivation For Tuesday.....

Photo: "Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice." - Zig Ziglar

Say "Yes" if you agree!

Have a Beautiful & Successful Tuesday!! :)

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Today Is National Radio Day!!


Wow had no idea we had a national radio day!! How many of you listen to the radio? What kind of music do you like? I'm a Rock, Jazz, Country you name it kind of gal :) When I was a young teenager I would blast my radio and out the windows up and head bang on my bed to music from the radio. I listen to alternative, and rap a lot, but now I'm more of a Phil Collins gal and love club music to a certain extent, yeah that's me in a nut shell when it comes to music and the radio. Now my sons listening to my kind of music now lol and the new stuff, which I don't like... I'm more of an old school kind of gal when it comes to music..So funny to hear my son singing, which is something I use to do my self. I'm not much of a singer, but now I hear my 13 yr old singing everyday.. Reminds me of when I was that age :) Anyhow I'm an 80"s and 90's child :)

National Radio Day celebrates the invention of the radio. One person cannot be linked to the invention of the radio as several inventors working on different aspects of the radio all had a part in the invention. The radio was invented in the late 1800's but was not widely used until the 1920's when the first broadcast stations started airing programs. The first broadcast were news and world events programs. They later developed in to radio shows that are the forefathers of today's television programs.



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Rosh Hashanah (9/4 - 9/6)

Friendship Day (8/4)

Sister's Day (8/4)

Grandparent's Day (9/8)


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What's The Weather Like In Your Area?

Tappahannock, VA weather today is cloudy and sunny.
Going To Be 85 Today!! I'm sorry I really can't stand VA'S weather!! I much rather deal with SC weather!! Don't mean to offend VA'S, but been here to long and just don't like living here... I know what your saying, than move.. Well wish it was that simple, but it will be a long time before that happens :)
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Weather For Tappahannock Snow & Probably more snow!!

Photo is loading Nathans wish for snow and off from school finally came true!! I remember when I was a child, we got so much snow like the blizzard of 99, where we did not have school for a while. I guess some wishes do come true after all :)

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