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I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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Want Your Own Gift Business Career?


Want Your Own Gift Business Career?
Ask me for more info  Start Your Gift Biz for $5!!! 
Promo Ends 12/31/14
Enjoy 5 streams!! BBB USA only, Except Alaska and Hawaii

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Back To School & Back To College Gift Ideas!!!

We make going back to school
totally fun and deliciously cool!

Away From Home 101

Whether you have sent your first, your last or your only child off to college, you can still care for them from miles away.

The Away From Home 101 Care Package includes all the basic dorm living essentials paired with delicious treats sure to bring a smile to their heart.

Includes, a mini laundry carrier, laundry bag, room air freshener, Tide stain sticks, hand sanitizer, Woolite fabric softener and a variety of snacks to help your loved one get through some late night study sessions.



Study Snacks

Prepping for a long night of studying can be taxing and we all know getting ready for exams can be nerve racking! Get them on the right road with our Study Snacks Care Package! Whether at home or away at college, it is a great confidence booster to receive a heart felt box of goodies and treats. We've even included index cards and highlighters to make sure they don't run out of steam.

Comes in a white gloss gift box with a cheerful bow.



Starbucks Gratitude

Long gone are the days of bringing your teacher an apple. This gift is an extra special way to say "Thank You".

The Starbucks Gratitude Gift Basket contains fresh, juicy oranges and crisp green and red apples. Then, we give them an extra bounce in their step with three different bags of delicious Starbucks Coffees (Breakfast Blend, Caffe Verona and delicious House Blend). This cute gift is topped off with an assortment of tempting Tazo teas and Nonni's biscottis.



Fall Harvest Bouquet

Every teacher's desk loves the fresh aroma and bright colors of a gorgeous flower arrangement. The Fall Harvest Bouquet is a bountiful vase of beautiful fall color tones. Our designers have created a lush arrangement that is filled with sunflowers, hypericum berries, cremons, roses, button poms, fuji mums, carnations, asters and greens. Our designers custom design your arrangement and hand tie them to keep the stems in place. We then box them up and ship them via Fed-Ex next day. When they arrive, simply open the box, fill your vase with water and preservative, cut the stems so your flowers are just above the vase top and you are done. Enjoy your arrangement for days to come.


Visit My Online Gift Store To See Entire Selection!

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Something New Is Blossoming!!

Introducing Our New Line of Flowers!

Beautifully designed and handcrafted
just for your special someone!

In Stores!!!
Send them a message they won't soon forget
with a La Bella Baskets Flower Bouquet!
Visit my La Bella Baskets gift store to see our entire selection!

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National Girl Friends Day Is Today!!


National Girlfriends Day is to celebrate the bond of friendship through women. So it's Friday go out for some drinks at a bar or go clubbing!! If your not into alchohol than maybe you want to just get out and go do something fun! Call up your girl friends and just go have a blast!! :)

More Gift Ideas visit www.jenskindredgifts.com

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National Waffle Day Is TODAY!!


National Waffle Day is the day the U.S Waffle Iron was patented not to be confused with International Waffle Day. The modern day waffle dates back to the 14th century when light thin crisp cakes were baked between wafer irons and only by the wealthy. With the invention of the waffle iron waffles are available to everyone. In some countries waffles are sold by street vendors as a snack not a breakfast food.

You can find more breakfast gift baskets here www.jenskindredgifts.com

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Today Is National Radio Day!!


Wow had no idea we had a national radio day!! How many of you listen to the radio? What kind of music do you like? I'm a Rock, Jazz, Country you name it kind of gal :) When I was a young teenager I would blast my radio and out the windows up and head bang on my bed to music from the radio. I listen to alternative, and rap a lot, but now I'm more of a Phil Collins gal and love club music to a certain extent, yeah that's me in a nut shell when it comes to music and the radio. Now my sons listening to my kind of music now lol and the new stuff, which I don't like... I'm more of an old school kind of gal when it comes to music..So funny to hear my son singing, which is something I use to do my self. I'm not much of a singer, but now I hear my 13 yr old singing everyday.. Reminds me of when I was that age :) Anyhow I'm an 80"s and 90's child :)

National Radio Day celebrates the invention of the radio. One person cannot be linked to the invention of the radio as several inventors working on different aspects of the radio all had a part in the invention. The radio was invented in the late 1800's but was not widely used until the 1920's when the first broadcast stations started airing programs. The first broadcast were news and world events programs. They later developed in to radio shows that are the forefathers of today's television programs.



Some Important Holidays To Keep In Mind For All Your Gifting Needs!! Check out my store for more gift giving ideas and sign up today with our LBB Saver Club and save 20% every time you place an order!! It's that simple and hassle free shopping at your own convenience 24 7 online :) Go here to sign up now: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com/lbbsavers.php


Rosh Hashanah (9/4 - 9/6)

Friendship Day (8/4)

Sister's Day (8/4)

Grandparent's Day (9/8)


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La Bella Baskets
Savers Club

Do you celebrate birthdays, job anniversaries, jobs well done or congratulations in your office? Do you send gifts, gift baskets or flowers to your clients? 


If so, I have some exciting news to share with your business, corporation or organization today!  


Our gift basket and flower company is introducing the

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Gifts such as:

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LBB Senior Gift Director & Team Leader
Jennifer McClain
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Light Up My Life Contest -Go ahead and spread joy and win!!!

La Bella Baskets


 Light Up My Life Contest









Here at La Bella Baskets, we are always thinking of ways to bring joy to people's lives.
So this month, we are starting a contest that will light up people's lives.
Here are the contest details:
Introducing La Bella Baskets Light Up My Life Contest! 

Pick a special person who's life you want to light up!
Next, make them a small, or buy them an inexpensive gift by clicking shop online here www.jenskindredgifts.com and than enter the contest . Remember, it's the thought that counts!
Here are some suggestions:
* Make them a "You are awesome" or "You are appreciated" card.
* If you like to bake, bake them a sweet dessert and deliver it in person.
* If you like to garden, make a handpicked bouquet from your garden and deliver them to their front door.
* If you like to make jewelry, create a piece of jewelry for them.
* If you like to cook, make them a delicious dish.
* Anything that you think will light up their day. 
At the end of the contest, we will select five thoughtful gift givers and send them a beautiful 28 oz. Signature La Bella Baskets Soy Candle.  It's our way of thanking the gift giver for lighting up someone's life.
Go ahead and enter the contest. Watch the magic behind it.
For more details, visit the link below.
Submit your entry today--just don't delay, because the last day to enter the contest is 9/13/2013! 
Your entry will be posted in our Light Up A Life album within 24 hours of submitting. Good luck!
Senior Gift Director & Team Leader
Jennifer McClain


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And The Winner Is.....

Gift Basket Giveaway Winner
Matt Lopez
Congrats to our recent Gift Basket Giveaway winner, Matt Lopez!  Matt chose the beautiful Essence of Lavender gift basket. Here's what Matt had to say:

"I am thrilled to be April's Gift Basket Giveaway Winner! I am very impressed with the array of Gift's La Bella Baskets offers, the convenience of being able to order online and more importantly the way the baskets are designed ~ it eliminates the guesswork. La Bella makes me certain that the gifts I am giving my loved ones will be enjoyed. Thank you."
Shop Online Here:  www.jenskindredgifts.com
Ask Me How You can save 20% for $9.95 a yr?

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