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I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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Want Your Own Gift Business Career?


Want Your Own Gift Business Career?
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A Project & Surprise For our 13 yr old Son We Did!!

Hubby and I worked so hard on this one!! We were so excited after watching PROPERTY BROTHERS, which is now hubby and I's favorite show! We said ok that's enough, we need to do our own make over and make our house feel more like home! So we cleaned out our sons room and went to Lowes and found our sons soul mate paint, which is now Laguna Green and hubby kept saying blue and I said no way, that's to ordinary for a boys room and in the end of course I was right about the Laguna Green. Took a couple of weeks to get his room together. I can tell you it was fun, but very exhausting and time consuming and here is how it turned out and by the way our son loves it so much, he now stays in his room and told all his friends, including our dog Jasper :) Enjoy! :)

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My Why & Testimonial On Joining La Bella Baskets!!


My Why: What brought me to La Bella Baskets was it was unique and like no other company with a purpose that meant something to me! I joined because this stood out more than others! :) An affordable opportunity with residual income and everything provided for you, but most importantly I knew I was going to be successful, just because of everything La Bella Baskets has to offer!! So here I am again after almost yr and being with them for almost 3 yrs I plan on doing it better this time!! La Bella Baskets going places and helps you move up in leadership with rewards and bonuses and a new transformation, that no other company can provide you!! I did this for my family and for myself, but also I can now help other work from home and really if I can do it, anyone can do this just by following everything on the training site and getting on the calls!! :) To your success!! <3 Jen


LBB Gift Consultant/Team Leader,
Jennifer McClain
804-466-1207 Leave a voice mail and I'll get back with you Eastern Time


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My La Bella Awards I EARNED A Couple Yrs Ago.......

My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jen I live in VA, not to far from Richmond. I have a 12 yr old son, who keeps me going and is in the pre teen stage and a wonderful husband who works for Reyes Holdings and works very hard. We have a jack russel/chiwawa mixe terrier dog name Jasper, 2 cats Phoenix & Pepper. We love to spend family time a lot, go to the park, go for walks, watch movies, etc. We love traveling every year to Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation and plan on one permanantly living there one day.I use to be with La Bella Baskets, almost a yr ago before and was at Silver Gift Director almost Gold and had to leave due to my health and family. I was with La Bella Baskets for almost 3 yrs and was very successful and back again being successful! I came back to La Bella Baskets, because I'm ready to do it again, missed it very much, Felt this was for me all along and I know now this where I belong. This time I plan on doing this right and putting my health and family first, before my business and now I can do just that, with our New transformation!! I look forward in talking to you soon about this awesome career opportunity or if your interested in ordering our beautiful gift baskets for any occasion or holiday!! :)

Here's my La Bella Awards I got a couple yrs ago for leadership!! :)

Lear more Here http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com/

My Senior Gift Director & Silver Gift Director gold pins I got moving up in leader ship and sales :)

Team Spirit Award for Helping My Team :)



An other award :)An other award :)

This bracelet was an award and very special :) It had a treasure box or basket to open and put tiny things in like your dreams :)

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