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I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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Shop Online Gifts For Any Occasion 24/7!! Support A Single Mom


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Excision surgery on Nov 28th 2014 - 5 1/2 hrs or more in surgery- Officialy diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis!!!



Excision surgery on Nov 28th 2014 - 5 1/2 hrs or more  in surgery-

Update on post op excision surgery follow up appointment with Dr. Audlin, Baltimore MD. Officialy diagnosed with stage 4 Endo with only excision surgery, meaning all cut out through 3 d imaging. 

It was a nightmare and nasty from seeing the pictures and reading the long pathology report.

My possibly crohns or ibs, gastroparesis was endometriosis the whole time! Precription drugs, to many doctors, tests,procedures!For many years of horrible pain or should I say hell and a nightmare that never ended until now and crossing my fingers that I will be pain free for a long time, but we shall see! Dr. Audlin told us he's confident now where I can get pregnant if we want to and later down the road it will have to be a hysterectomy in my severe case and it being stage 4.

Appendix out, part of my ovary came out with a golf ball size or larger endometrioma plastered to my pelvic wall and other ovary had an endometrioma as well and fibroids too, adhesions stuck everywhere bowel, bladder, everywhere even intestines and appendix. If I waited any longer I may not be here right now. Dr. Audlin had to fix the damage my last gyno did through robotic surgery and was not happy with what he did. He is now doing surgery for another patient who also had robotic surgry. I did have a little complication with part of my left thigh going numb and that is a wait and see. I was in total shock last Thursday seeing the pics and when we were on our way back I started getting emotional.. He was confident that I do not need meds and now we shall see what happens <3 All I have to say is please don't go through robotic surgery. Find your self a good endo specialist who does excision only and knows this disease. I highly recommend Dr. Audlin!!  Much love to you endo sisters!! <3 Jen 

Amazing Endo specialist & doctor for excision surgery here https://mdmercy.com/centers-of-excellence/womens-health/the-institute-for-gynecologic-care/our-doctors/gynecology-center/kevin-audlin-md

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