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I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com


Nathans First Day Of 8th Grade!!!

Nathan Started the 8th grade Today and hoping he had an awesome day!! Fixed a healthy lunch for him and made sure he did everything he needed to do this morning. We shall see how his day went when he comes home. I know we will have a ton of forms and paper work to fill out. Don't you just love it? I just can not believe how big my baby has become. Yes some days I cry, because I miss the days when he was small, but now 13 yrs old and growing into a handsome young man!! Now he has a girl friend, so trying to get use to that.. She is younger, but she is a state away and they Skype every night and talk to each other:) It reminds me when I was that age.. I use to talk to boys over the phone and now it's my son lol.. Still trying to get use to this teen stage :)


Photo: Nathans First Day of 8th grade!! Hope you have an awesome day!! <3 mommy and daddy We all love you very much <3 Cory McClain Linda McClain Colin McClain



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