Hey there,
I'm Jen and married to a wonderful husband with a 12 yr old son who's becoming a teenager. My family and I are near the Richmond, VA area. We like to take walks,travel, and have lots of family time together! <3 I I have a passion for helping others work from home and work for La Bella Baskets: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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La Bella Baskets Gift Consultant

Jennifer McClain id#1012101

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~ Here Comes The Bride All Dressed In White ~

So that BIG Day is coming up and so important to plan ahead of time! Everything must be perfect especially for the bride and nothing must go wrong or is such a tragic disaster for the brides maid. For a brides maid, her dress must be perfect, flowers must be fresh, music must be the right type of song with the right melody to match the mood. It is that very special day and only day of a brides maid life entering marriage and such a big commitment. All the brides maids must match the bride and groom. Along with the cake, decor and set up from  wedding planners. My dream has always been to have that beautiful dream picture perfect wedding, with a gorgeous wedding dress, hair fixed up like Ann of Green Gables in a bun, bling jewelry, make up perfect like the celebs, and nice theme and just everything set up like a dream, maybe on the beach in paradise with an ocean view, feet in the sand, and wind from the ocean and the smell of the salt water. Anyhow it's time to make that commitment and make your dreams happen!! :) May your dreams come true!! :)


Have a wedding coming up for a Brides Maid? Look no further.. Let La Bella Baskets handle all your needs for the NEW Bride & Groom!! Ask me how you can save 20% off your order? Shop Online Here:http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com/


Photo: http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com
Have a wedding coming up for a Brides Maid? Look no further.. Let La Bella Baskets handle all your needs for the NEW Bride & Groom!! Ask me how you can save 20% off your order? Shop Online Here:http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com

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Weather For Tappahannock Snow & Probably more snow!!

Photo is loading Nathans wish for snow and off from school finally came true!! I remember when I was a child, we got so much snow like the blizzard of 99, where we did not have school for a while. I guess some wishes do come true after all :)

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LBB Gift Consultant Sandra Foy Why Testimonial!!!

Why I join, sometimes it just so hard for you to find a perfect gift for that special person. But with LLB you can't go wrong. So when I saw that I didn't have to have inventory or do parties I thought this company would be awesome for me. I have a full time job so I don't have time to schedule parties ....but with LLB all I have to do is sent the customer to my website. I will be making a few flyers and business cards so I can mail out to my friends and family ....can't wait to share....
LBB Gift Consultant
Sandra Foy

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LBB Gift Consultant Lori Andersen's Why Testimonial!!

La Bella offers a unique opportunity and supports a cause dear to my heart...i was raised by a struggling single mom and then later become one myself. Love how a company is "finally" giving them recognition!
LBB Gift Consultant
Lori Andersen
Phone: 435-531-6110
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LBB Gift Consultant Greg Cestaro Testimonial From Copley, PA!!!


Hi, my name is Greg Cestaro and I'm from Coplay, Pa, which is about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. I'm married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world, Deb. We've been married for 6 1/2 years and together for 16 years... Between us we have 2 sons and 4 daughters, as well as 6 granddaughters and 3 grandsons! The only "child" we have at home is Jasmine, our 6 year old yellow lab, who believe me is what keeps us active!
What brought me to La Bella Baskets was several things. After 20+ years in retail management and 9+ years in Law Enforcement, I "retired" from the craziness of corporate America. Like many people I tried several different "work from home" businesses and many just never developed into what they offered....
This is where La Bella Baskets came into my life! This company offers an unbelievable website, Back office, Marketing materials and Training for it's consultants. From day one, you feel like part of a "family", instead of just another number at a company! I truly believe that with what they offer, as well as well-known and high quailty products....there is no limit to what I can accomplish with La Bella. I know that this opportunity will help me to provide the type of life that my family deserves...
I can't wait to have you join my Team and become a part of this opportunity or if you simply wish to become one of my valued customers, I'll be here for you every step of the way!

Phone: 484-560-9140



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My Why & Testimonial On Joining La Bella Baskets!!


My Why: What brought me to La Bella Baskets was it was unique and like no other company with a purpose that meant something to me! I joined because this stood out more than others! :) An affordable opportunity with residual income and everything provided for you, but most importantly I knew I was going to be successful, just because of everything La Bella Baskets has to offer!! So here I am again after almost yr and being with them for almost 3 yrs I plan on doing it better this time!! La Bella Baskets going places and helps you move up in leadership with rewards and bonuses and a new transformation, that no other company can provide you!! I did this for my family and for myself, but also I can now help other work from home and really if I can do it, anyone can do this just by following everything on the training site and getting on the calls!! :) To your success!! <3 Jen


LBB Gift Consultant/Team Leader,
Jennifer McClain
804-466-1207 Leave a voice mail and I'll get back with you Eastern Time


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ALL Valentine Gifts 20% off EVERDAY..a​sk me how

Send Some Love This Valentine's Day!
Send some love to the one you love this Valentine's Day, and do it with a La Bella Baskets gift!

Ask me how to get 20% off the entire store!

Visit my online store for the full selection!

LBB Gift Consultant - Jennifer McClain
Who are you wild about?


This adorable gift will make anyone smile.
This gift contains:
  • 13" Wild about you gorilla
  • Ribbons of Love Cinnamon Candy
  • Ghirardelli chocolate bar
  • Chocolate fudge covered popcorn
  • White chocolate covered pretzels
  • Almond toffee chocolates
  • Valentines hearts gift box with caramel milkchocolate and butter toffee pretzels.
  • Completed by a black gift box and topped with a pink zebra bow
  • This gift weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 16" tall by 8" wide and 10" long.


Always Roses
Always Roses


What can be said about one of the most cherished and classic gifts. Roses set the standard for expressing love and thoughtfulness. Color choices include the classic red, yellow, pink and novelty (Variegated. Colors range from yellow/red - cream/ burgundy - cream/red etc.) and w/ vase. Available in 1 or 2 dozen.


Jack of All Trades

A gift basket for the man who is your Jack of All Trades! Make his job and his day go smoother with this all-purpose tote box filled with sweet and savory snacks to be enjoyed either on the job or after the work is done. This gift of gourmet goodies for the hard-working man will put your honey-dos on the top of his list! The Jack of All Trades gift basket for your Jack of All Trades.
  • All Purpose Tote Box 12 X 6.5 X 5.5
  • Dip n Styx Pretzels 5 oz
  • Zesty White Cheddar Popcorn 2 oz
  • Black Bean Tortilla Chips Bag 1.5 oz
  • Gourmet Chunky Salsa Medium
  • Gourmet Pistachios
  • Asst Flavors Cheese Sticks 1 oz
  • Sweet and Tangy Mustard 1.4 oz
  • Brent and Sam's Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Beef Sausage 3 oz.
  • Jack's Snack Gourmet Snack Mix Bag 3 oz

Heart To Heart Couples Romance Gift Basket

  • A1 oz Massage oil,
  • silk bag with rose petals
  • a set of 3 votive tea lite candles
  • acrylic champagne glasses
  • sparkling cider
  • An easy listening Instrumental romance CD
  • The Lover's Guide book a hardcover book with over 150 pages of suggestive stories, ideas and recipes for exciting nights
  • Sweetheart chocolate cake, vanilla caramels, Belgian truffles, Almond Roca, Kettle Fresh Fudge, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, Chocolate and toffee cookies and a for lovers only card game where everyone's a winner.

A Big Kiss For You

This adorable white teddy delivers A Big Kiss For You in this Valentines Day Care package! A bag full of Hershey's kisses plus other Valentine chocolates and cream filled hearts convey your message of love in the sweetest way! Send the A Big Kiss For You Valentines Day Care Package to the loves in
your life!

  • "8"" Plush Valentines Bear
  • A Big Kiss For You Valentines Theme Bag filled w/ Hershey Kisses
  • 3 oz Asst Valentines Heart w/ assorted Chocolates
  • 2 Russell Stover's Cream Filled chocolate hearts Chocolate Fudge Popcorn 4 oz.
  • 4 Asst Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Red Gift Box


classy gifts at
20% off
ask me how


Shipping Guidelines
Heart Stamp

To guarantee delivery of gift baskets on or before Valentine's Day, please submit your order by no later than Friday,

Wednesday 6, 2012 11:00am EST.


Any Valentine's Day Gift Basket orders placed in stores after February 6, 2012 will ship, but there is no guarantee delivery will occur by Valentine's Day.

To guarantee delivery of flowers on or before Valentine's Day, please submit by no later than Monday, February 13, 2012 10:00am EST.


(All flower orders ship overnight at a flat rate of $16.95.)

Send Some Love

Classic Victorian

Hugs & Kisses

Double Dip Oreos

Heart to Heart Couples Romance Gift Basket

Best In Show

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My La Bella Awards I EARNED A Couple Yrs Ago.......

My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jen I live in VA, not to far from Richmond. I have a 12 yr old son, who keeps me going and is in the pre teen stage and a wonderful husband who works for Reyes Holdings and works very hard. We have a jack russel/chiwawa mixe terrier dog name Jasper, 2 cats Phoenix & Pepper. We love to spend family time a lot, go to the park, go for walks, watch movies, etc. We love traveling every year to Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation and plan on one permanantly living there one day.I use to be with La Bella Baskets, almost a yr ago before and was at Silver Gift Director almost Gold and had to leave due to my health and family. I was with La Bella Baskets for almost 3 yrs and was very successful and back again being successful! I came back to La Bella Baskets, because I'm ready to do it again, missed it very much, Felt this was for me all along and I know now this where I belong. This time I plan on doing this right and putting my health and family first, before my business and now I can do just that, with our New transformation!! I look forward in talking to you soon about this awesome career opportunity or if your interested in ordering our beautiful gift baskets for any occasion or holiday!! :)

Here's my La Bella Awards I got a couple yrs ago for leadership!! :)

Lear more Here http://kindredgifts.labellabaskets.com/

My Senior Gift Director & Silver Gift Director gold pins I got moving up in leader ship and sales :)

Team Spirit Award for Helping My Team :)



An other award :)An other award :)

This bracelet was an award and very special :) It had a treasure box or basket to open and put tiny things in like your dreams :)

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Myrtle Beach, SC Is Our Main Vacation Spot.....

Ahh Myrtle Beach, SC A place where you can hang your hat down and relax.. Something about the atmosphere there, not sure what it is.. The air smells and feels so much better. I feel I can breathe better down there, than here in VA. Must be the crisp air and salt water from the beach along with the big pine trees behind my father inlaws house on a nice golf course, which is his back yard by the way. Well not to mention on the populars spots to hang out and have fun. My favorite hot spot is the beach and the clear blue beautiful shining ocean and beautiful view with the sun shining and clear blue glowing skies and the beautiful sunsets are just breath taking. The restaurants with different culture foods and hole in the walls, just pick a food and it's there! Oh and put put golfing, and not to mention the big shopping malls and if you know me I love to shop. Yes I'm a shopaholic lol! You better get me away from any apparell or materials. Once I go in, I can't leave with out something in my hand lol! I know so bad, but hey I'm a woman and love fashion!! :) 2012 Pics of our family vacation! Please Like, share, comment, and follow!! :)

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